Update 05/26/23
Published in : 27 May 2023

Update 05/26/23

We have decided to make several change(s) to quik.email as we continue to evolve and expand. 

The team was still at the drawing board with the initial design. We have come up with a solid plan and future road map which will become public within the up coming months. 

As of 05.26.2023
We have updated some of the overall design and as we continue to build it every day so far we have been able to enable the blogging system with a basic overall easy to use interface. 

You can now see the latest blog posts on the front page and view additional blog categories. 

Comments are still currently disabled and we will continue to work on being able to enable the comments system. 

We have also been looking at subscriptions and a different Advertisement provider. 

We wish to keep the ads to a minimal but in order to do so we must introduce new features that will be on a premium only basis which will be approximately 2 - 3 USD dollars per month. 

A list of features shall be published in the near future. 

Stay tuned!

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